Sean De Freitas

About – Art Gallery Eleven Eleven. Owning an Art Gallery has been a dream of mine for many years. I have loved Art for as long as I can remember. I acquired my first original painting at fifteen when being asked by my mother what I wanted for Christmas. I spent many afternoons after school hanging out at the neighborhood antique shop, fascinated by all the art and artifacts. Gallery Eleven Eleven is a result of me wanting to share my own passion for the work of these artists, whose work I love and whose life stories inspire me. Having traveled extensively over the past twenty years and met very gifted artists, I wanted to be part of not only their artistic journeys but to showcase their amazing individual talents, thereby contributing to the fulfillment of their dreams. Each of these artists I admire and respect, not only for their work but for their personal attributes.

Being a creative person I believe, “One’s artistic work is the unspoken word of one’s inner soul, passion or vision of either themselves or the world as they see it.”  – Sean De Freitas